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Cameras, microphones, video editing applications, oh my! This can be so confusing! Don't worry! This guide makes it easy to see what will work for your YouTube goals and budget.   

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There's no need to take notes... everything is written down for you! Think of this as a "cheat-sheet." Go ahead and cheat... that's totally fine. The goal is to make YouTube a better place for all YouTubers!  

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Get a deep-dive analysis of your YouTube channel and a report that rates every aspect of your  business goals. This will provide specific recommendations that will grow your audience and reach on YouTube.   


1 on 1 consulting with the instructor, Matt Haas.

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About Us

Success on YouTube is all about getting people to watch your videos and return to watch more. In other words, an audience is the key factor! So many wonderful things can happen if you have a large audience of passionate fans.

Our free and paid content seeks to make videos on YouTube better. The better YouTube is for the audience, the better it will be for advertisers and most importantly: YouTubers like you.